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The Thrill

In the picturesque Location you are able to access an Airstrip. Golf, Polo, Swimming among other Activities at Brooks Lodge & SPA

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Popular Activities

Bike Riding

Take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy bike riding in the beautiful landscapes that surround us.

Polo Sport

The area of Brooks and its surrounding offers a range of impressive polo sport facilities, providing an exceptional experience for those looking to enjoy this game.


We offer a pristine swimming pool to provide our guests with a refreshing experience and create an inviting atmosphere for their holiday stay.


I find great pleasure in partaking in the sport of golf amidst the picturesque rift valley region of Gilgil. The expansive vistas and well-maintained grounds provide an optimal setting for indulging in the game of golf.

Wild Adventures

During your visit, you will find that wild adventures have a therapeutic effect on your overall experience. As you navigate through dense bushes, the beautiful sounds of birds and the serene surroundings create an immersive environment.


Take advantage of our top-notch gym facilities for a truly luxurious and rejuvenating experience.

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